Projection Mapping

We specialise in custom video content and operating for high-end projection mapping projects. Our team strives to engineer content that reimagines ordinary surfaces into a groundbreaking display of your artistic or brand vision.

Live Visuals

LED backwalls, towering light installations and breathtaking stage design for an unparalleled live experience. Throw us your checklist; we’ve got you covered.

Motion graphics

An infatuation with pop culture combined with bleeding edge animation and high concept 3D art. We live bespoke content. If it's in your head, we'll bring it to life.


Wolves is a visual agency that works closely with artists, live events, media groups, brands, and entertainment companies around the world. Our organization rose to acclaim by redefining 3D mapping installations and stage design for some of India's most cutting edge nightclubs before scaling up to top-tier commercial entities and corporate signage. Wolves has forged an alliance with some of the world's most prolific music artists alongside major music festivals to deliver staggering live experiences. Our bespoke content has helped major brands launch new products, celebrate their march to the future and cement past victories.



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